Blog Post - Do my parents need help? A guide that can assist you in answering that question.

Trying to determine if your aging parents are in need of extra help at home can be a daunting and difficult task. Conversations with them about issues of safety, independence and long term financial planning can be uncomfortable and fraught with emotion.  Knowing where your parents may be in need of assistance however can help divert a crisis and enable them to stay safe and secure in their home for a long time to come.

  • If your parent lives in a two story home, can they navigate it safely?
  • Are they taking their medications properly?
  • Do they need help getting to the Dr's office?
  • Can they hear the door bell or telephone ring, are bills getting paid on time?

These are questions that can help identify areas of concern where you or a geriatric professional, might be able to help. AARP has compiled a list of 35 questions that can make this whole process a little easier to begin.  These questions examine how your parents are managing daily activities and more complex issues.  They guide you through a series of issues aimed at identifying points of concern.  In reviewing this checklist with your parents, you will be able to open up a dialog about some tough issues.  If done with care, it can not only give you both peace of mind, but identify problem areas that can be dealt with long before a crisis arises.

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