Our Services

  • Comprehensive in person assessments are conducted to identify concerns and needs.
  • Individualized care plans will be developed detailing immediate and long term needs with coordinating recommendations.
  • Clients and loved ones will review the care plan with the Geriatric Care Manager and collectively determine the next steps to be taken.
  • Home services will be obtained, screened and secured.
  • Referrals will be made to appropriate geriatric professionals and specialists as consistent with the goals of the care plan. Ongoing monitoring and management of in-home services will be conducted by the Geriatric Care Manager.
  • The Geriatric Care Manager will act as a client advocate and liaison working with the client, their family members, care providers, and community resources to facilitate communication and optimize service delivery.

  • On-going assessments will be conducted to address any changing client needs with the goal of crisis prevention and cost containment.
  • Continued evaluations of long-term housing needs will be done. If needed, alternative housing will be identified and assistance in relocation provided. Care management services will be continued in any alternative living environment.
  • The Geriatric Care Manager will provide consumer education and advocacy.
  • Crisis management, supportive individual and family counseling, and conflict resolution services will be provided as needed.
  • The Geriatric Care Manager is available on a 24 hour basis to clients and families.

Fees vary depending on the scope and nature of the services provided.